T for Tintaldra


Tintaldra is a small village in the north east of Victoria below the Snowy Mountains on the upper reaches of the River Murray.

On this trip a few years ago, we stayed in Corryong, and from there did day trips and Tintaldra was a beautiful little village with a great Museum and a very good afternoon tea of scones, jam and cream which was very welcome. The name Tintaldra is the aboriginal name meaning "Young Man by the Water"

The Tintaldra Museum

The old Bakery oven

The old oven in the Bakery

The Bakery

Devonshire Tea

Tintaldra Store

Tintaldra Hotel

The Bakery


Joan Elizabeth said…
I heven't been to this one. It looks like a spot I would really enjoy.
DUTA said…
Well positioned village with nice museum, hotel, bakery!
Rita said…
What a cute little town. Can you imagine baking bread in that oven. I bet it was delicious! A small but cozy museum. I cannot imagine eleven children, though--lol! ;)

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